Fighting Games Highlight


HiFightTH is a twitter account I created for sharing fighting games highlight, funny moments and sometimes fighting game related news. I love watching fighting games and get so hype that I could not just keep that to myself and feel like sharing those amazing moment to everyone.

I started fighting games highlight blog back in 2015 (on this same url) and mainly share highlight in my local FGC facebook page until around the time Street Fighter V came out, where I decided to create the twitter account and started sharing highlight more globally.

Then I had some idea (and free time) on organizing my completely unorganized twitter clips and gifs on one place. I thought that it would be cool if people can find players highlight more easily and I was having fun looking at random gifs while working on this project, which all resulted in the current state of this website.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave messages on my twitter page @HiFightTH or via hifight.th@gmail.com. And don’t forget to follow for more highlight!


All content on this website and twitter are not mine. The real heroes are those streamers and players who create amazing fighting game moments for us. So, if you like those hype moments and feel like supporting the scene, please consider support those people who created the conent first.

However if you appreciate my work on highlighting and want to support me directly then do so on here.